My Favorite Web-Based Apps

Yesterday I shared with you about the benefits of using web-based applications. Ever since getting my head in the “cloud,” I’ve been on “Cloud 9” with respect to how it has contributed to the way we run our business. Below is a list of my favorite web-based apps covering everything from sales and marketing to […]

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Why My Head is in the Cloud

Yes, you read that right. My head is in the “cloud,” not clouds. By “Cloud” I mean those gi-normous computer databases out there in the World Wide Web that run online software programs that make my life so much easier. Make no mistake: the Cloud is the future of computing. I predict that within a […]

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Fusion: The Facts and the Folly

In the summer of 2008, famed commercial/editorial photographer Vincent Laforet heralded the release of Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II with his short film “Reverie”. Both photographers and filmmakers alike were blown away. The release of the 5D has created not only it’s own subculture, but an entire industry was born as companies large and small […]

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Do You Fear Terms of Service?

This was a discussion I started on my F-Stop Beyond Facebook Group that I thought would be great to bring to the blog. In my last “new” episode of F-Stop Beyond we had new media masters Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble. They each have a very laissez faire attitude about posting their photos online and […]

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