The Blurring of the Lines

Ever since Vince Laforet’s “Reverie” hit the Net last fall, there’s been a whole lotta talk about the blurring of the lines between photographer and videographer. Just this past Thursday I had the pleasure of being the guest on Jack Hollingsworth’s Toginars podcast. One of the questions that came up was where I see the […]

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What's Possible?

So. We’ve talked alot about homogenization, being unique, yadda, yadda, yadda. We determined that we no longer want to do what everybody else is doing. But where do I start? How about 80 years from now. Take yourself there, see what is possible at that point. Work backwards, then start making it happen…today. Share in […]

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Resistance is Futile

I was originally going to name this post “Adapt or Die,” but with the pending Star Trek film by my boy JJ Abrams (and I pray a rebirth of what was once a brilliant sci-fi franchise), I had to go with those three, bone chilling words used by the Borg Collective to herald in the […]

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Dream Big

The advancements in technology that we see today all at some point started out as an idea. A dream. A “what if” scenario. “What if” we could… …travel across the ocean in just a few hours instead of a few months …talk to a loved one…3,000 miles away …calculate Pi out to the 1,000,000th decimal […]

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