Vimeo’s Removal of Jeffery Harrell’s FCPX Video and What That Means to You

UPDATE: My original blog post I assumed Apple legal made Vimeo take the video down. According to this tweet, it was a music clearance issue. I originally thought Apple had Vimeo remove the video. Mainly because I’ve never, ever seen Vimeo take down a video due to music clearance. Not saying they haven’t, I just never saw it. […]

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Crossing the 180 #26: Ryan Booth

I continue my series of interviews with Vimeo/Canon “Beyond the Still” filmmakers with today’s interview of Chapter 5 winner Ryan Booth. That’s right, today I have on someone who was actually one of the winners. Ryan is somewhat of a Renaissance man. He started out as a history major, then became an audio engineer, then […]

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Crosing the 180 #24: Scott Brignac

This week on the show I’m starting a mini-series on filmmakers who have had success creating personal film projects. In my post from yesterday, I mentioned how projects like these can be both financially and spiritually/personally profitable.  Over the next few weeks I’ll have some of the contestants of Vimeo and Canon’s “Beyond the Still” […]

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