Gary Vaynerchuk and the Most Important Word Ever

Today we’re picking up from where this past Saturday Matinee left off. Social media marketing master and venture investor Gary Vaynerchuk talks about what he believes is the most important word ever. As usual, he pulls no punches and challenges you. WARNING: This video may convict you in ways you’re not prepared for! 🙂

“Your talent isn’t enough. You gotta go put in the work.” Gary Vaynerchuk

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Trailer for #ImprovJam is Now Live

What happens when you have three of Seattle’s finest jazz musicians do an improvised jam session with one of the biggest up and coming rock guitarists and vocalists in the Pacific Northwest, then have a freestyle rapper improvise some tight off-the-cuff lyrics? Something…magical.

The second installment of SoundandSEA.TV is coming soon.

Starring SRJO, Ayron Jones of Ayron Jones and the Way and Turtle T.

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Communication without Words

Unless you can speak or read Korean, you won’t know what’s being said or displayed on screen. But nonetheless, you know exactly what has to be done. This was a video created by North Face’s Korean agency. Study the use of insert shots, close ups and cutaways to see how the video clearly communicates what needs to be done, despite the fact you may not understand the language.

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