We’ve Moved. Need Talented Writers.

You would think after the pain I went through moving to a new home this past December, I’d learn my lesson about big moves. Ha! No such luck.

Yeah. I WISH I were moving here. A fella can dream can’t he? 😉

Dare Dreamer Mag is in the process of moving all of it’s content to our new site Dare Dreamer Entertainment. That’s where all the action will be happening from now on. It is our new podcast network, membership site and resource site for filmmakers, photographers, and other professional creatives to grow in their craft and career.

So as to not miss a beat, do one of the following

Looking for Contributing Writers

For nearly ten years I’ve largely contributed to the creative community via my writing. During that time I also dabbled in podcasting, but writing and blogging were always the core.

With the growth of Radio Film School, audio has become my “weapon of choice.” As a scripted, audio documentary show, Radio Film School takes much of my copious writing time now. But the written word is still something that brings a lot of value, and I’ll continue to do some periodically. In order to fill the gap, I’m looking for other talented writers interested in giving back to the creative community with informed, entertaining, and witty posts about sales, marketing, branding, filmmaking and photography.

Photo by Dustin Lee. CC0. Stocksnap.io.

If you’re interested in boosting your SEO, establishing yourself as an expert in the industry, and building your own audience, writing for Dare Dreamer FM will be a great opportunity. Click here and fill out the form on our “Writers Wanted” page.